Mission Statement

To provide services primarily, but not exclusively, to Aboriginal offenders and ex-offenders that will facilitate their reintegration back in to the community as constructive and law abiding citizens.

About Us

The Native Clan Organization, Inc. (NCO) established in 1972, is a unique non-profit community support agency. A simple mission statement offers; to provide services primarily but not exclusively to aboriginal offenders and ex offenders that will facilitate their re-integration back into the community as constructive and law abiding citizens.

A private, non-profit organization, the Native Clan operates on a fee-for-service basis via yearly, renewable contracts with the Federal and Provincial governments.

Through the decades the agency has fostered a determination to evolve many programs which generated various impacts. NCO created much opportunity for the community through the many volunteer board of directors and staff tenures. They came to provide their generous contributions of time and ideas and move on in their own life journeys. Much heart and soul has been rendered.

With undaunted determination NCO has succeeded in providing services within the walls of federal and provincial facilities directly to the target group. NCO has made a presence and a difference in youth detention centers and institutions for women. NCO is known as a solid community partner for the greater good of the community at large. Engaging in many productive networks that have not only enhanced NCO’s legacy but has made the community stronger and more eager to assisting NCO’s ongoing campaign of reducing recidivism rates.

The Native Clan adopts a comprehensive approach to reintegration of offenders. Our reintegration services include programming in life skills, addressing family issues, job search support, personal and community identity-building and addressing criminogenic risks.

The Native Clan forged and has maintained a long standing formal relationship with Corrections Services Canada which has enabled the organization an administrative capacity. Still other programs suited to the NCO mandate have been negotiated with various levels of government on many occasions such as services on an intermittent basis to Manitoba Corrections.

NCO has proudly received recognition and is in good standing with both the Canadian Criminal Justice Association and the Manitoba Criminal Justice Association. With over forty years of capacity building, The Native Clan continues to adopt a comprehensive approach to the reintegration of offenders while adhering to its core mission.

Recent mainstream published reports affirm that Aboriginal people continue to be over represented in the population of correctional institutions across our land. Although this data is fundamental to Native Clan, the organization is indiscriminate of one’s background or gender and offers its warm welcome to all.

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