Mission Statement

To provide services primarily, but not exclusively, to Aboriginal offenders and ex-offenders that will facilitate their reintegration back in to the community as constructive and law abiding citizens.

About Us

The Native Clan Organization, Inc. (NCO) established in1972, is a unique non-profit community support agency founded by Al Chartrand. The overall mission of NCO is “to provide services primarily but not exclusively to aboriginal offenders and ex offenders that will facilitate their re-integration back into the community as constructive and law abiding citizens.”

A private, non-profit organization, the Native Clan operates on donations from our amazing community members, awarded grants, and fee-for-service contracts with Correctional Service of Canada and the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority/ Shared Health. These fee-for-service contracts involve providing a healing, non-judgmental, and human-centered environment with supports available to support our relatives navigate life’s journey after encountering justice systems and the negative impacts they have. NCO is heavily involved in community building and is involved in a multitude of associations, working groups, and established bodies of advocacy. NCO is a proud member of the Winnipeg Indigenous Executive Circle, the Indigenous Chamber of Commerce and with deep commitment, takes part in several working groups that impact our Winnipeg community. NCO also partners with virtually every college and university in Winnipeg to accommodate student placements to enhance their foundation of compassion for their communities, and pass knowledge of healing along to the leaders of tomorrow.  

NCO adopts a human-centered, trauma informed and culturally-based approach to supporting our relatives enter community after contact with justice systems. Staff and helpers identify needs or areas of required support for our relatives, connect services to address these needs and act as mentors and supports themselves for those who are journeying through various processes and stages of healing and growth.

As data, research, and statistics continue to support the fact that Indigenous peoples make up disproportionate portions of those involved in Western Justice Systems, NCO is striving to meet this need with evidence-based and proven ways of healing to address these systematic needs. By combining modern methods of data collection, research, and advocacy we at NCO are looking forward to the world we can create together to address trauma and continued living that our relatives require after contact with these justice systems.

94 McGregor St, Winnipeg, MB R2W 4V5

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