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The Native Clan Organization offers in-house, and partner agency referrals for programs and lessons that help navigate life's paths. Native Clan proudly has partnered with the John Howard Society of Manitoba to come together to deliver programs from both organizations to relatives staying at the community reintegration facilities (CRFs) that each organization provides.

Manitou House has developed an approach to in-house programming that teaches basic life skills, emotional coping and regulation, and positive interactions while navigating life's hurdles. Each of these programs is small-group focused, and all take place over a short duration to ensure programs and lessons are user friendly, and easier to learn from.

Section 84

With Native Clan’s partnership with Correctional Service Canada (CSC), Native Clan acts as the primary sponsor of Urban Section 84 releases to Winnipeg. This section of legislation is part of the Corrections and Conditional Release Act (CCRA) that involves our relatives serving their conditional or statutory release into an Indigenous Community or Urban Area with the support of an Indigenous Organization.

What this looks like in practice is Native Clan’s Section 84 Coordinator makes contact with our relatives while they are serving their sentence in prison and holds a case management conference. During this conference, the Section 84Coordinator will gather information about the person that is not present on their case records. This paints a current and realistic picture of where our relatives are in their journey, and which areas they may need support in when they are released. The Section 84 Coordinator will also inform the relative to services they might need as they are released and what they can benefit from now, while also providing information about resources they should be applying for while in custody to make their transition easier (status cards, identification, resume building, etc…)

Following this conference, the Section 84 Coordinator will upload this human-centered data into our relative’s case records and ensure that NCO has this information on hand for when the individual is released from custody. When our relative walks into the doors of Manitou House, they walk in with a mapped out plan of where they need support, an idea of resources they can access, and an easier transition into the community.

Many of our relatives who show interest in a Section 84 release into community, follow a variety of traditional/ cultural ways and teachings from many different families. Native Clan incorporates our Elder/Knowledge Keepers in providing supports to the many relatives who follow a traditional path to healing. It is important to acknowledge that a person applying for a Section 84 release does not need to identify as Indigenous, and this path will lead them to taking a very customized and adaptive path for their healing journey.

If you or anyone you know is in federal or provincial custody and would be interested in applying or approaching their healing from this style of release, please ask your case manager, parole officer, correctional staff, or others who are involved in your healing journey about a Section 84 release. A person who is applying for this style of release has to initiate the process themselves, and if you are applying and showing interest, Native Clan wishes you nothing but the best on your journey.

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Pathfinding is a term that Native Clan uses to refer to helping those we welcome into Manitou House and case management positions that support relatives in finding their way on their journey in a broad sense. Pathfinders are experienced in navigating the systems of social supports and versed in working with Western systems to navigate through them with the least amount of negative outcomes for those being supported.

Examples of pathfinding happen everyday while helping and supporting our relatives. Whether it is navigating legal conditions, planning for release from a justice institution, or finding the path of healing that will be the most impactful, pathfinding is the guiding light for navigating our journey’s hurdles. With the ever-changing world of policies, social support navigation and other changing resources that are available to help our relatives, pathfinding is always evolving, changing, and adapting.

“Find your path, live your journey, transform your life”- Buky Ojelabi

Community Service and


Due to Covid-19 restrictions and for the safety of our relatives who call Manitou House home, currently NCO is not accepting interest for volunteering.
Please check our website regularly and our Facebook page ( updated on when we will be open again for volunteering opportunities.

For expression and updates please contact KT Monkman at

The Seven Grandfather Teachings are my own Greatest Guiders

Community healing and helping

Located at 94 McGregor Street- Manitou House

Native Clan provides aftercare to relatives who leave the House's doors for the next steps in their journey through spiritual care and support. Currently due to the Covid -19 pandemic, there are no services or supports offered at this time on site. Please check this website or call
(204) 943-7357 to ask when these services will resume.

We look forward to serving our physical community post-pandemic, but as Manitou House serves as a home for our relatives our first priority is to keep them safe.

Miigwetch and thank you for the understanding.

Our first teacher is our own heart

If you have any questions regarding community healing or helping events, or to contact NCO to partner for such events please email or call:
204-943-7357 ext. 1

94 McGregor St, Winnipeg, MB R2W 4V5

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